Watch the Video: This Tiny Submarine Could Wreak Havoc on the U.S. Navy
15.07.2020 19:05
Key Point: Looks are often deceiving. A semi-official news agency in Iran has circulated an old propaganda video depicting an Iranian navy submarine sinking a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group.
DARPA Is Transforming Cargo Planes Into Flying Aircraft Carriers
15.07.2020 18:59
Here's What You Need To Remember: But equally intriguing is the potential to bring drones to the battlefield.
Hypersonic Weapons: How the F-35 Becomes the Ultimate Stealth Fighter?
11.07.2020 13:40
Here's What You Need To Remember: HAWC apparently is too big to fit in the F-35’s internal weapons bay. To minimize the F-35’s radar signature, Lockheed designed the plane to carry weapons internally. But the fighter’s dense internal layout doesn’t leave a lot of space for munitions.
Great Power Showdown: How U.S. Navy Submarines Are Countering Chinese Expansion
06.07.2020 18:17
Key Point: Submarines are an important part of maintaining a balance of power in the Western Pacific region.
Stealth F-35s Controlling Killer Drones in a War? It Could Happen
06.07.2020 11:30
It’s called “weapons forward,” the idea that an airborne fighter jet could control an advancing armed drone traveling into high-threat enemy territory.
Is China Building Its Own F-35 Fighter Jets for its Aircraft Carriers?
04.07.2020 15:07
The Chinese appear to be preparing to launch a first-of-its-kind new-generation fighter jet in 2021, a move which could signify a large step forward in power-projection and air-attack capability for a country seeking to strengthen its global influence.